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Bonaire Dive Sites

Bonaire Marine's Park offers a total of 86 dive sites, it is home to over 57 species of soft and stony coral and more than 350 recorded fish species. Many of the dive sites have access by boat or shore. From the shore, dive sites are marked with names on yellow stones. Please note that all users of the Bonaire National Marine Park must pay a Nature fee as admission. Take a look of the Top 20 Dive sites, you can also download to view all the dive sites. Learn more >>

  • 1000 Steps

    This site was named for shore divers, who will find that the 64 steps leading from the road down to ...

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  • Alice in Wonderland

    This Dive offers a chance to really experience the double reef. Care should be taken to watch your...

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  • Andrea 1 & 2

    Located about half a mile north of the destination plant, these sites are ideal for the beginning di...

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  • Bari Reef

    This site is #1 in the entire Caribbean for the fish diversity with over 300 species sighted and sur...

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  • Forest

    Gorgonians flourish in the shallows, and in deeper water one find huge colonies of fern-like black c...

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  • Hilma Hooker

    This internationally known wreck dive is located near the beginning of the double reef system. The...

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  • Karpata

    Popular with shore divers. Karpata is located at the end of the one-way section on the coastal road....

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  • Monte's Divi Tree

    There is a good chance of finding a seahorse here. The shallow areas have large stands of staghorn c...

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  • Munk's Haven

    Located on the west side of Klein Bonaire. The shallows terrace there is coral and sand with many b...

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  • No Name

    This dive lies directly in front of No Name Beach. While large coral heads are sparse here in shall...

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  • Nukove

    Located on the northwest of Washington- Slagbaai. The experienced diver will be rewarded with some o...

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  • Oil Slick Leap

    Though recommended as a boat dive, the adventurous can find a steel ladder leading to the water fro...

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  • OL' Blue

    This site lies off a long stretch of coral beach just north of 1000 steps. Friendly angels and schoo...

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  • Playa Funchi

    Located in Washington Slagbaai National Park. Horse-eye jacks can be seen out in blue water. The sha...

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  • Red Slave

    Located adjacent to the second set of slave huts, this site is definitely recommended for experience...

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  • Salt Pier

    Easy entry for new divers and great for photography. The pillars here are fully encrusted with spong...

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  • Tori's Reef

    Located directly opposite the outflow from the salt works, the shore entry is fairly easy through a ...

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  • Wayaka

    Located within the confines of Washington-Slagbaai National Park, Wayaka offers divers a new site wh...

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  • White Hole

    This site lies off Lac Bay. Also known as East coast diving. Check with East coast dive operators. ...

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  • Windsock

    A sandy Beach with patches of shade provides a pleasant place to relax after diving: a favorite spot...

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