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Bonaire Beaches

Bonaire has over 22 beaches. On Bonaire and sister island Klein Bonaire, the sands of some beaches are soft and blindingly white, while others are coarser and darker due to the high content of crushed shells and coral. But that’s a fair trade for having such spectacular reefs right offshore! Beach condition is intrinsically tied to the health of those reefs. You can help by taking your plastics and trash back with you, leaving the shells where they lie (they might be a home for hermit crabs) and wearing eco-friendly sunscreen. You can also volunteer during the annual beach cleanups. Every little bit helps to keep the sands of time clean for future generations to enjoy.

Pick up a Bonaire Island Map to find many sandy beaches and coves to explore and enjoy. Watch for the bright yellow stone markers – painted with the site name - along the coastal roads and make it easy to find a great beach for sun bathing, strolling or snorkeling and diving.

  • 1000 Steps

    The beach of 1000 Steps thanks its name to the limestone stairs you have to descent to get there. Th...

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  • Atlantis Beach

    Atlantis Beach is home to the kite boarders and it is a lot of fun to observe the colorful kiters in...

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  • Bachelor's Beach

    In Belnem district, south of the airport, is a very small beach. This sandy beach is at the base of ...

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  • Boka Kokolishi

    Boka Kokolishi is a black sand beach, so named after the tiny black snails whose crushed shell skele...

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  • Boka Slagbaai

    When visiting Washington Slagbaai National Park, a stop at Boca Slagbaai Beach can be the ideal comp...

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  • Cai

    Cai is a beautiful beach area hidden in the eastern part of Bonaire's mangroves. Though the ride her...

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  • Chachacha

    A three-minute stroll from Kralendijk's center leads you to Chachacha beach, located near the island...

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  • Eden Beach

    Eden Beach is situated at the equally named Eden Beach Resort, and is host to Spice Beach Club; a ba...

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  • Flamingo Beach

    Located at Divi Flamingo Beach Resort is Bonaire's Flamingo Beach, a white sandy area at just a 10 m...

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  • Harbour Village Beach

    The beautiful, idyllic Harbour Village Beach is a private one, covered in white sand and waving palm...

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  • No Name Beach

    Uninhabited Klein Bonaire lures visitors ashore for a day trip. The gorgeous white sand beach and ge...

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  • Pink Beach

    Pink Beach gets its color from the crushed shells of millions of microscopic bright pink sea creatur...

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  • Playa Benge

    Bonaire's National Park is host to Playa Benge, a beautiful beach area situated between cliffs of an...

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  • Playa Chikitu

    A visit to Washington-Slagbaai National Park is not complete without a stop at beautiful Playa Chiki...

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  • Playa Frans

    Playa Frans offers small areas of sand amidst rockier terrain. This beach on the North Point of the ...

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  • Playa Funchi

    Situated in Washington Slagbaai National Park, Playa Funchi is Bonaire's most western beach. Though ...

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  • Playa Lechi

    Playa Lechi is a large, white sandy public beach, covered in palm trees to provide you with shade fr...

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  • Playa Palu di Mangel

    Playa Palu di Mangel, meaning Beach of Almond Trees, is situated by the airport. This makes it a gre...

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  • Seven Body Beach

    This beach, partly sand, partly coral stones, thanks its name to its size; if you lay seven people h...

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  • Sorobon Beach

    Sorobon, located on the eastern side near Lac Bay, is one of Bonaire's treasures. Many local fishing...

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  • Te Amo

    Te Amo is a beautiful, white sandy public beach situated near Bonaire's airport. Its location provid...

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  • Wayaka

    Washington Slagbaai's Wakayá area hosts three different beaches, consequently named Wayaká I...

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